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  • Our customer support center is 24@7 and our turn around time is 72 hours not six to eight weeks. We do not have to send your unit to a manufacture for repairs we will take care of it in house.
  • Our company offers you technical support free of cost means you can call anytime and talk to our respiratory or technician anytime.
  • We offer you same day shipping so you can definitely enjoy your freedom right away.



  • Model : DE-Y1S Small Oxygen Concentrator
  • Oxygen : Concentration30%-90%(±3%) Adjustable
  • Display Control : HD LCD Touch Screen
  • Rated Voltage : AC220 ± 22V (or 110V) 50± 1Hz
  • Net Weight : 6.5kg
  • Operating Noice : 40-45dB
  • Oxygen Generation Method : Pressure Swing Adsorption(PSA)
  • Size : 340 * 185 * 305mm
  • Oxygen Output : 1L-6L Adjustable
  • Max Oxygen Flow Rate : 6L/min
  • Max Oxygen Concentration : 93%
  • Ultraviolet Disinfection : 25 Minutes Timing

What are the benefits of using OxyNext?

  • Specially made for people having breathing issues, OxyNext Oxygen Concentrators are a gateway to a healthy and fit life for them!
  • By using our concentrators, you can say a goodbye to a dependent life and step out to live like normal individuals to the glee of life.
  • Our Oxygen Concentrators are diverse, dynamic and built with best in class quality to help you relive those precious moments of life.


  • Alloyed Pure Molecular Sieve Tube
    We provide a highly absorbent, double molecular based aluminum sieve tube for ensuring high purity of oxygen.
  • Smart Fault Alarm System
    The machine is equipped with automatic machine failure alerts to ensure safety during inhalation, when required.
  • In-Build Negative Ion Transmitter
    The precisely developed negative ion function makes the oxygen supply clearer to ensure maximum purity.
  • German Built Thomas Compressor
    The machine is fitted with Sino-foreign joint venture compressor that provides a higher and stable oxygen flow.


I use this generator and have no problems at all. Looks great and the best part is it’s automatic.

– Rajesh Choudhary


I bought this in case of a Covid-19 infection. Quality product. It’s easy to use and light-weight!

– Sameer Mehta


Why Use Oxynext ?

In the case of this new Coronavirus, viral pneumonia can't be treated with antibiotics - and any antiviral drugs used to combat flu would also be ineffective, for the moment at least.

A recent publication by the World Health Organisation mentions that "Oxygen therapy is the major treatment intervention for patients with severe COVID-19"

As pneumonia hinders the transfer of Oxygen into our bloodstream, for those who are particularly vulnerable, using an oxygen concentrator can support lung function by keeping red blood cells saturated as best it can until the infection passes.

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