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Why choose oxynext?

Why choose oxynext? 

We have thousands of happy clients all over India!

Our customer support center is 24@7 and our turn around time is 72 hours not six to eight weeks. We do not have to send your unit to a manufacture for repairs we will take care of it in house.

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Model DE-Y1S Small Oxygen Concentrator
Oxygen Concentration30%-90%(±3%) Adjustable
Display ControlHD LCD Touch Screen
Rated VoltageAC220 ± 22V (or 110V) 50± 1Hz
Net Weight6.5kg
Operating Noice40-45dB
Oxygen Generation MethodPressure Swing Adsorption(PSA)
Size340 * 185 * 305mm
Oxygen Output1L-6L Adjustable
Max Oxygen Flow Rate6L/min
Max Oxygen Concentration 93%
Ultraviolet Disinfection 25 Minutes Timing



I use this generator and have no problems at all. Looks great and the best part is it’s automatic. Works well!

– Sunil Sharma

I bought this in case of a Covid-19 infection. Quality product. It’s easy to use and light-weight!

– Deepika Shah

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